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. and i'm blaming the weather. >>> let's check in with mike. >>> that was probably a good idea that way you weren't running in the cold rain. good morning. nothing showing up the last three hours on live doppler, whether radar returns or satellite, we have fog forming, patchy east bay valleys, north bay more localized and dense around novato 1 and 3/4 mile visibility, a quarter of a mile in santa cruz. santa cruz 38°, a lot of low to mid 40s inland, antioch and san rafael 48. 50 half moon bay. 45 mountain view, san jose oakland 48 in san francisco and fremont. today 40s patchy fog through 7:00 this morning. partly cloudy noon, low to mid 50s. high clouds this afternoon, low to mid 50s cooler this evening than last evening and drier with low to mid 40s by 7:00. tuesday, christmas day, rain comes back. scattered showers wednesday and dry thursday. >>> is that our gift rain christmas day? >> thank you mike. let's take a look at traffic conditions. we start on highway 87 in san jose -- >> no, 101 in san rafael, headlights southbound as you can see traffic is light here, extremely light nor
for the weather too. >> let's check in with mike. >>> it is going to be dry extended period of dry weather, good morning. a few high clouds the last three hours, otherwise it is quiet on live doppler 7 hd. we have frost forming inland, as far as fog, air is too dry for fog, unlimited visibility this morning as you are heading out and about. let's break down this last day of 2012, 32° at 7:00 inland around 40 for the bay, 38 for the coast. upper 40s by the time we get to lunch hour mostly sunny. low 50s throughout the afternoon. it will drop sharply once the sun sets. this evening 39 at 7:00 inland, 42 at the coast, 45 at the bay. next three days after today, new year's day partly cloudy, mid 40s. freezing cold wednesday morning in the afternoon only low to mid 50s, small chance of a shower in the north bay thursday, otherwise it is going to be dry. >>> taking a look now at traffic. >> what traffic! >> 101, 27 minutes from highway 12 to highway 37, you can see 80 and 85, all smooth. live pictures outside. >> those of you driving this morning in san jose on 87 a few headlights, not much. golden g
it comes to volunteer work they have to be opposing sides. >>> mike last you and i spoke monday there was going to be a break in the rain. here we are again. >> monday was the break. another break tomorrow. [ talking over each other ] >> then another storm. >> don't be greedy, two dry days in one week. if you are shopping again today, or returning, don't return the umbrella, you still need it, it is going to be wet today. looking down on san francisco, the part that is dry east of sutro tower towards oakland which is barely dry. you can see the progression of showers from northwest to southeast. 80 out of vallejo across pomona to hercules saw mill road going to get wet soon highway 4 also pulling out of richmond towards el cerrito where our nexus tim is heading towards berkeley and oakland -- in san francisco, laguna street towards fisherman's wharf back to the presidio where we have a better chance of shower activity now. all rotating around an area of low pressure that is going to keep us in a showery regime throughout the afternoon not going to get rid of it because it is hap
then was five cents oh inflation. >>> we want to check in with mike on the weather. >> high clouds increasing, saw a halo around the moon on the way in that was cool. we have a little fog around novato visibility quarter of a mile. let's break down this friday, cooler start, 30s and mid 40s, by noon in the mid to upper 40s mostly cloudy even a few sprinkles. 4:00 light rain. closer to the coast more likely you are going to get light rain most of us should have light rain by 7:00. next three days, showers to start saturday morning by saturday afternoon, partly cloudy and dry, as we look towards sunday chilly start top out in the low to mid 50s and then we'll have a lot of sun monday temperatures in the low to mid 50s. here's a look at traffic. >>> good morning. in oakland police activity, that in a second. right now bay bridge very, very light no problems, no metering lights nothing on the upper diagnostic no unusual incidents light -- upper deck, no unusual incidents industrial, clawiter, flat section up and over highrise into foster city everything looking good there. police activity 98th at
.com. >>> if it does change it won't be because of the rain not today with >> let's check in with mike. >>> low clouds, other than that it is dry. we'll keep an eye on the clouds. let's talk about temperatures waiting for you when you step out 40s this morning. temperatures are not as cool as they could be, thanks to the cloud cover, 40 fairfield and livermorel6.o, 41 concord, 2 napa, 43 san jose, 45has. oakl, 48 san francisco. mostly cloudy, 40s through 7:00. increasing sunshine, low 50s at noon, low to mid 50s through 4:00, then once that sunsets clouds go away, temperatures drop into the low to mid 40s during the evening. you don't need the umbrella vñ just sunglasses.xr tomorrow umbrellas back so is the light rain. low to mid 50s. few showers saturday low 50s, driest day and brightest day and warmest sunday with low to mid 50s. ÷ saturday snow level 4,000 feet, may get snow on mount hamiltonu. >>> bay bridge toll this morning, expecting another light holiday weekday today, typical for this time of the clear. san mateo bridge a few brake lights everything at the limit at the end of the flat sect
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5